Online Giving

St. Patricia Parish and School uses GiveCentral for online giving. Set up regular donations, your weekly Sunday Offering,  pay school and religious education fees, and more. Online giving is a great way to save time and manage your charitable giving without ever writing a check!

What we celebrate as a faith community in the Eucharist is an offering of who we are at this moment in time. We offer ourselves, our gifts, our hopes, and our prayers which we bring with our community to this celebration of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. In our baptism, we acknowledge that we are each called and gifted by God. We are asked to bring and share our gifts to our faith community and to the world.

The world is changing, and sometimes when we are asked to share our treasure, we no longer carry checks or cash. We are not alone. Less than 4 percent of those under age 30 write checks. Less than 12 percent of those under age 50 write checks. Forty percent of our population over 65 prefers to pay electronically. GiveCentral is a tool we are making available to make it easier for you to give. The tool is safe and secure, but most importantly it is a response to parishioners request to make it easier to give.

We still welcome any gift in any form but we know for many of you this is the easiest way to give. The tool can also help our parish leadership as well. It makes it easier to budget knowing what funds will be available. It makes our accounting easier and eases any security concerns regarding the transport of cash and checks.

Questions about online giving?  Just ask!


Julie Villegas-Suarez
St. Patricia Parish & School Operations Director
9050 S. 86th Avenue
Hickory Hills, IL 60457
(708) 598-8200 x31

Bobcat Bonanza

Have you joined our Bobcat Bonanza Facebook Raffle Group?

In 2020-21 we raised over $60,000 and used the funds to offer 1:1 Chromebooks to all students K-8th grade. Our 2021 goal was to raise funds toward the renovation of our School Hall (lunchroom) including installing air conditioning in order to expand our after-school enrichment programs by raffling off prizes through our private Bobcat Bonanza Facebook group.  Construction on the School Hall is scheduled for Fall 2022!

Join our group, share with friends and family, and support St. Patricia School! Click the button below or scan our QR code and it will take you directly to our group page. This is a private group to fundraise for St. Patricia School. Have fun and score some awesome stuff! Questions? Email