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Get Involved at St. Patricia!

There are many opportunities to participate in the enrichment of St. Patricia Parish.
You can do so through your time, talent, and treasures.


St. Patricia Parish hosts a number of events throughout the year to support the community and fellowship among its parishioners. All are welcome to attend any of our events or consider volunteering to help with these events. You can volunteer to help at a single event or to be part of the committee that sponsors any number of events throughout the year. Learn more about our Ministries via our Ministry Directory below.


You can enrich St. Patricia Parish through your talents. Whether your talent is in arts and crafts, knitting or sewing, cooking, gardening, music, working with children or so many other things, St. Patricia Parish could benefit from your help.


Fulfilling our mission is possible primarily through the generosity of our parishioners. Donating to St. Patricia Parish may be part of your weekly offering, a one-time gift, or even included in estate plans. Giving perpetuates the goodness of our individual existence once we are no longer here. As our Catholic faith teaches us, our spirit will live on. An investment in St. Patricia Parish is a personal commitment to help ensure the long-term operation of the parish and its mission.

Requirements to Volunteer

All Employees and Volunteers who have contact or will be in attendance with minors (under 18) and ministers to vulnerable adults must meet the requirements of the Protecting God’s Children Program as set forth by the Chicago Archdiocese. If all requirements are not met, that individual will not be allowed to work or volunteer in any program at St. Patricia Parish. All Parish & School Employees, Contractors, School Coaches, Youth Ministers, Ushers, and Religious Education Volunteers are required to participate in this training.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Julie Villegas-Suarez at (708) 598-8200.

Virtus Training

Individuals must register with VIRTUS Online and complete all requirements, including attending an in-person or online Protecting God’s Children session.

DCFS (C.A.N.T.S.) Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System

An authorization form (referred to as a CANTS form) for the Department of Children and Family Services must be completed each year.

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