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Life of St. Patricia

The Life of St. Patricia,

Saint Patricia, the niece of Emperor Constantine, was born in Constantinople in the year 30 of the Christian era.  Brought up in the imperial court and trained in the Christian religion by a pious lady named Aglaia (now Blessed), she took the vow of virginity at an early age, and to remain faithful to her vow, she fled from her paternal home.  With the faithful Aglaia as a companion, she sailed to Rome, where Pope Liberius bestowed upon her the veil of Christ’s Bride.

At the death of her father, she returned to Constantinople where she renounced all her worldly possessions, distributing her wealth to the poor.  Patricia then embarked with her companion on a ship bound for the Holy Land in order to visit the places sanctified by Our Lord.  During the voyage, they were overtaken by a violent storm that carried the vessel in the opposite direction, as far away as Naples, Italy.  There they landed and took refuge on a rock near the bay, afterward called Castel del’ovo.  After a few months of penitential life, she fell ill and died a saintly death at the age of 21.

She was buried at the Church dedicated to the Martyr Saints Nicandro and Marciano, thereby remaining with her spiritual daughters, the Patrician Sisters. In 1864 the sisters brought her remains to the Monastery of St. Gregorio Armeno when their convent was suppressed.

St. Patricia is today venerated by numerous devout pilgrims who reverently kneel before those sacred remains and frequently witness a wonderful miracle – the liquefying of her blood which flowed from her mouth almost 600 hundred years after her death. Legend has it that one of her teeth had been pulled by a zealous knight in 1214 and blood flowed from the empty socket.

The miracle has been repeated for 12 centuries.  Not only every year on her feast day, August 25, but frequently in the presence of pious pilgrims who come to pray.

Ecclesiastical authorities and scientists have investigated the phenomenon more than once, and have come to the conclusion that the liquefaction cannot be explained by science and, therefore, is a real miracle.

In Naples, every Tuesday is dedicated to St. Patricia. The Sister Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament of her order are in charge of her shrine.

The Castel del'ovo, legendary site of St. Patricia's shipwreck.
The Monastery of San Gregorio Armeno where St. Patricia's remains lie. Her blood liquefies on August 25 and every Tuesday.
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